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// ListContainer class - for item and phrase lists

//Please refer to http://dansguardian.org/?page=copyright2
//for the license for this code.
//Written by Daniel Barron (daniel@/ jadeb.com).
//For support go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dansguardian

//  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
//  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
//  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
//  (at your option) any later version.
//  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
//  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
//  GNU General Public License for more details.
//  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
//  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
//  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA



#include <vector>
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "String.hpp"


// time limit information
struct TimeLimit {
      unsigned int sthour, stmin, endhour, endmin;
      String days, timetag;

time_t getFileDate(const char *filename);
size_t getFileLength(const char *filename);

class ListContainer
      std::vector<int> combilist;
      int refcount;
      bool parent;
      time_t filedate;
      bool used;
      String bannedpfile;
      String exceptionpfile;
      String weightedpfile;
      time_t bannedpfiledate;
      time_t exceptionpfiledate;
      time_t weightedpfiledate;
      String sourcefile;  // used for non-phrase lists only
      String category;
      String lastcategory;
      std::vector<int> morelists;  // has to be non private as reg exp compiler needs to access these


      void reset();

      bool readPhraseList(const char *filename, bool isexception, int catindex = -1, int timeindex = -1, bool incref = true);
      bool readItemList(const char *filename, bool startswith, int filters);

      bool inList(const char *string);
      bool inListEndsWith(const char *string);
      bool inListStartsWith(const char *string);

      char *findInList(const char *string);

      char *findEndsWith(const char *string);
      char *findStartsWith(const char *string);
      char *findStartsWithPartial(const char *string);

      int getListLength()
            return items;
      std::string getItemAtInt(int index);

      int getWeightAt(unsigned int index);
      int getTypeAt(unsigned int index);

      void doSort(const bool startsWith);

      bool createCacheFile();
      bool makeGraph(bool fqs);

      bool previousUseItem(const char *filename, bool startswith, int filters);
      bool upToDate();

      String getListCategoryAt(int index, int *catindex = NULL);
      String getListCategoryAtD(int index);

      void graphSearch(std::map<std::string, std::pair<unsigned int, int> >& result, char *doc, off_t len);
      bool isNow(int index = -1);
      bool checkTimeAt(unsigned int index);
      bool checkTimeAtD(int index);

      bool blanketblock;
      bool blanket_ip_block;
      bool blanketsslblock;
      bool blanketssl_ip_block;

      bool sourceisexception;
      bool sourcestartswith;
      int sourcefilters;
      char *data;

      // Format of the data is each entry has 64 int values with format of:
      // [letter][last letter flag][num links][from phrase][link0][link1]...

      int *realgraphdata;
      int current_graphdata_size;

#ifdef DGDEBUG
      bool prolificroot;
      int secondmaxchildnodes;

      int maxchildnodes;
      int graphitems;
      std::vector<unsigned int> slowgraph;
      size_t data_length;
      size_t data_memory;
      long int items;
      bool isSW;
      bool issorted;
      bool graphused;
      std::vector<size_t > list;
      std::vector<size_t > lengthlist;
      std::vector<int > weight;
      std::vector<int > itemtype;  // 0=banned, 1=weighted, -1=exception
      bool force_quick_search;
      //time-limited lists - only items (sites, URLs), not phrases
      TimeLimit listtimelimit;
      bool istimelimited;

      //categorised lists - both phrases & items
      std::vector<String> listcategory;
      std::vector<int> categoryindex;

      // set of time limits for phrase lists
      std::vector<int> timelimitindex;
      std::vector<TimeLimit> timelimits;

      bool readAnotherItemList(const char *filename, bool startswith, int filters);

      void readPhraseListHelper(String line, bool isexception, int catindex, int timeindex);
      void readPhraseListHelper2(String phrase, int type, int weighting, int catindex, int timeindex);
      bool addToItemListPhrase(const char *s, size_t len, int type, int weighting, bool combi, int catindex, int timeindex);
      void graphSizeSort(int l, int r, std::deque<size_t > *sizelist);
      void graphAdd(String s, const int inx, int item);
      int graphFindBranches(unsigned int pos);
      void graphCopyNodePhrases(unsigned int pos);
      int bmsearch(char *file, off_t fl, const std::string& s);
      bool readProcessedItemList(const char *filename, bool startswith, int filters);
      void addToItemList(const char *s, size_t len);
      int greaterThanEWF(const char *a, const char *b);  // full match
      int greaterThanEW(const char *a, const char *b);  // partial ends with
      int greaterThanSWF(const char *a, const char *b);  // full match
      int greaterThanSW(const char *a, const char *b);  // partial starts with
      int search(int (ListContainer::*comparitor)(const char* a, const char* b), int a, int s, const char *p);
      bool isCacheFileNewer(const char *string);
      void increaseMemoryBy(size_t bytes);
      //categorised & time-limited lists support
      bool readTimeTag(String * tag, TimeLimit& tl);
      int getCategoryIndex(String * lcat);


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