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// FOptionContainer class - contains the options for a filter group,
// including the banned/grey/exception site lists and the content/site/url regexp lists

//Please refer to http://dansguardian.org/?page=copyright2
//for the license for this code.
//Written by Daniel Barron (daniel@//jadeb/.com).
//For support go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dansguardian

//  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
//  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
//  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
//  (at your option) any later version.
//  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
//  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
//  GNU General Public License for more details.
//  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
//  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
//  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA



#include "String.hpp"
#include "HTMLTemplate.hpp"
#include "ListContainer.hpp"
#include "LanguageContainer.hpp"
#include "ImageContainer.hpp"
#include "RegExp.hpp"
#include <string>
#include <deque>


std::deque<String> *ipToHostname(const char *ip);

class FOptionContainer

      int reporting_level;
      int category_threshold;
      bool infection_bypass_errors_only;
      bool disable_content_scan;
      int weighted_phrase_mode;
      int group_mode;
      int embedded_url_weight;
      int naughtyness_limit;
      bool createlistcachefiles;
      bool enable_PICS;
      bool deep_url_analysis;

      // Email notification patch by J. Gauthier
      bool notifyav;
      bool notifycontent;
      bool use_smtp;
      int violations;
      int current_violations;
      int threshold;
      long threshold_stamp;
      bool byuser;

      // File filtering mode - should banned or exception lists be used?
      // if true, use exception lists & exception file site list; otherwise,
      // use banned MIME type & extension lists.
      bool block_downloads;
      bool reverse_lookups;
      bool force_quick_search;
      int bypass_mode;
      int infection_bypass_mode;
      int pics_rsac_violence;
      int pics_rsac_sex;
      int pics_rsac_nudity;
      int pics_rsac_language;
      int pics_icra_chat;
      int pics_icra_moderatedchat;
      int pics_icra_languagesexual;
      int pics_icra_languageprofanity;
      int pics_icra_languagemildexpletives;
      int pics_icra_nuditygraphic;
      int pics_icra_nuditymalegraphic;
      int pics_icra_nudityfemalegraphic;
      int pics_icra_nuditytopless;
      int pics_icra_nuditybottoms;
      int pics_icra_nuditysexualacts;
      int pics_icra_nudityobscuredsexualacts;
      int pics_icra_nuditysexualtouching;
      int pics_icra_nuditykissing;
      int pics_icra_nudityartistic;
      int pics_icra_nudityeducational;
      int pics_icra_nuditymedical;
      int pics_icra_drugstobacco;
      int pics_icra_drugsalcohol;
      int pics_icra_drugsuse;
      int pics_icra_gambling;
      int pics_icra_weaponuse;
      int pics_icra_intolerance;
      int pics_icra_badexample;
      int pics_icra_pgmaterial;
      int pics_icra_violencerape;
      int pics_icra_violencetohumans;
      int pics_icra_violencetoanimals;
      int pics_icra_violencetofantasy;
      int pics_icra_violencekillinghumans;
      int pics_icra_violencekillinganimals;
      int pics_icra_violencekillingfantasy;
      int pics_icra_violenceinjuryhumans;
      int pics_icra_violenceinjuryanimals;
      int pics_icra_violenceinjuryfantasy;
      int pics_icra_violenceartisitic;
      int pics_icra_violenceeducational;
      int pics_icra_violencemedical;
      int pics_icra_violencesports;
      int pics_icra_violenceobjects;
      int pics_evaluweb_rating;
      int pics_cybernot_sex;
      int pics_cybernot_other;
      int pics_safesurf_agerange;
      int pics_safesurf_profanity;
      int pics_safesurf_heterosexualthemes;
      int pics_safesurf_homosexualthemes;
      int pics_safesurf_nudity;
      int pics_safesurf_violence;
      int pics_safesurf_sexviolenceandprofanity;
      int pics_safesurf_intolerance;
      int pics_safesurf_druguse;
      int pics_safesurf_otheradultthemes;
      int pics_safesurf_gambling;
      int pics_weburbia_rating;
      int pics_vancouver_multiculturalism;
      int pics_vancouver_educationalcontent;
      int pics_vancouver_environmentalawareness;
      int pics_vancouver_tolerance;
      int pics_vancouver_violence;
      int pics_vancouver_sex;
      int pics_vancouver_profanity;
      int pics_vancouver_safety;
      int pics_vancouver_canadiancontent;
      int pics_vancouver_commercialcontent;
      int pics_vancouver_gambling;

      // new Korean PICS support
      int pics_icec_rating;
      int pics_safenet_nudity;
      int pics_safenet_sex;
      int pics_safenet_violence;
      int pics_safenet_language;
      int pics_safenet_gambling;
      int pics_safenet_alcoholtobacco;

      std::string name;
      std::string magic;
      std::string imagic;
      std::string cookie_magic;

      // Email notification patch by J. Gauthier
      std::string mailfrom;
      std::string avadmin;
      std::string contentadmin;   
      std::string avsubject;
      std::string contentsubject;   
      std::string violationbody;
      unsigned int banned_phrase_list;
      unsigned int exception_site_list;
      unsigned int exception_url_list;
      unsigned int banned_extension_list;
      unsigned int banned_mimetype_list;
      unsigned int banned_site_list;
      unsigned int banned_url_list;
      unsigned int grey_site_list;
      unsigned int grey_url_list;
      unsigned int banned_regexpurl_list;
      unsigned int exception_regexpurl_list;
      unsigned int banned_regexpheader_list;
      unsigned int content_regexp_list;
      unsigned int url_regexp_list;
      unsigned int header_regexp_list;
      unsigned int exception_extension_list;
      unsigned int exception_mimetype_list;
      unsigned int exception_file_site_list;
      unsigned int exception_file_url_list;
      unsigned int log_site_list;
      unsigned int log_url_list;
      unsigned int log_regexpurl_list;
      // regex match lists
      std::deque<RegExp> banned_regexpurl_list_comp;
      std::deque<String> banned_regexpurl_list_source;
      std::deque<unsigned int> banned_regexpurl_list_ref;
      std::deque<RegExp> exception_regexpurl_list_comp;
      std::deque<String> exception_regexpurl_list_source;
      std::deque<unsigned int> exception_regexpurl_list_ref;
      std::deque<RegExp> banned_regexpheader_list_comp;
      std::deque<String> banned_regexpheader_list_source;
      std::deque<unsigned int> banned_regexpheader_list_ref;
      std::deque<RegExp> log_regexpurl_list_comp;
      std::deque<String> log_regexpurl_list_source;
      std::deque<unsigned int> log_regexpurl_list_ref;

      // regex search & replace lists
      std::deque<RegExp> content_regexp_list_comp;
      std::deque<String> content_regexp_list_rep;
      std::deque<RegExp> url_regexp_list_comp;
      std::deque<String> url_regexp_list_rep;
      std::deque<RegExp> header_regexp_list_comp;
      std::deque<String> header_regexp_list_rep;

      // precompiled reg exps for speed
      RegExp pics1;
      RegExp pics2;
      RegExp isiphost;
      // access denied address & domain - if they override the defaults
      std::string access_denied_address;
      String access_denied_domain;

            block_downloads(false), banned_page(NULL),
            banned_phrase_flag(false), exception_site_flag(false), exception_url_flag(false),
            banned_extension_flag(false), banned_mimetype_flag(false), banned_site_flag(false),
            banned_url_flag(false), grey_site_flag(false), grey_url_flag(false),
            banned_regexpurl_flag(false), exception_regexpurl_flag(false), banned_regexpheader_flag(false),
            content_regexp_flag(false), url_regexp_flag(false), header_regexp_flag(false),
            exception_extension_flag(false), exception_mimetype_flag(false),
            exception_file_site_flag(false), exception_file_url_flag(false),
            log_site_flag(false), log_url_flag(false), log_regexpurl_flag(false) {};
      bool read(const char *filename);
      void reset();
      bool isOurWebserver(String url);
      char *inBannedSiteList(String url, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);
      char *inBannedURLList(String url, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);
      bool inGreySiteList(String url, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);
      bool inGreyURLList(String url, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);
      bool inExceptionSiteList(String url, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);
      bool inExceptionURLList(String url, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);
      bool inExceptionFileSiteList(String url);
      int inBannedRegExpURLList(String url);
      int inExceptionRegExpURLList(String url);
      int inBannedRegExpHeaderList(std::deque<String> &header);
      char *inExtensionList(unsigned int list, String url);
      bool isIPHostname(String url);

      // log-only lists - return category
      const char* inLogURLList(String url);
      const char* inLogSiteList(String url);
      const char* inLogRegExpURLList(String url);
      // get HTML template for this group
      HTMLTemplate *getHTMLTemplate();

      // HTML template - if it overrides the default
      HTMLTemplate *banned_page;

      bool banned_phrase_flag;
      bool exception_site_flag;
      bool exception_url_flag;
      bool banned_extension_flag;
      bool banned_mimetype_flag;
      bool banned_site_flag;
      bool banned_url_flag;
      bool grey_site_flag;
      bool grey_url_flag;
      bool banned_regexpurl_flag;
      bool exception_regexpurl_flag;
      bool banned_regexpheader_flag;
      bool content_regexp_flag;
      bool url_regexp_flag;
      bool header_regexp_flag;
      bool exception_extension_flag;
      bool exception_mimetype_flag;
      bool exception_file_site_flag;
      bool exception_file_url_flag;
      bool log_site_flag;
      bool log_url_flag;
      bool log_regexpurl_flag;
      std::deque<int> banned_phrase_list_index;

      std::deque<std::string > conffile;

      bool precompileregexps();
      bool readbplfile(const char *banned, const char *exception, const char *weighted);
      bool readFile(const char *filename, unsigned int* whichlist, bool sortsw, bool cache, const char *listname);
      bool readRegExMatchFile(const char *filename, const char *listname, unsigned int& listref,
            std::deque<RegExp> &list_comp, std::deque<String> &list_source, std::deque<unsigned int> &list_ref);
      bool compileRegExMatchFile(unsigned int list, std::deque<RegExp> &list_comp,
            std::deque<String> &list_source, std::deque<unsigned int> &list_ref);
      bool readRegExReplacementFile(const char *filename, const char *listname, unsigned int& listid,
      std::deque<String> &list_rep, std::deque<RegExp> &list_comp);

      int findoptionI(const char *option);
      std::string findoptionS(const char *option);
      bool realitycheck(int l, int minl, int maxl, const char *emessage);
      int inRegExpURLList(String &url, std::deque<RegExp> &list_comp, std::deque<unsigned int> &list_ref, unsigned int list);

      char *inURLList(String &url, unsigned int list, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);
      char *inSiteList(String &url, unsigned int list, bool doblanket = false, bool ip = false, bool ssl = false);

      char *testBlanketBlock(unsigned int list, bool ip, bool ssl);


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